"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life;
to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived." ~Henry David Thoreau

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Ethan is a big second grader this year. His teacher is Miss Ulrich and he's excited because his good friend Samuel is in his class, along with his new friend Caysen who moved in aross the street a couple of months ago. We went to meet hi teacher last week and we are imporessed with her, although it's a downer that his classroom is in one of the portable buildings way outside. It kind of feel exiling from the rest of the school. And there isn't a bathroom or water fountain out there! The kids are supposed to bring a water bottle from home, and if they have to use the restroom they have to go all the way back inside the school. Good thing Ethan has a strong bladder!

Hailey finally got to start kindergarten. She has been excited about this day ever since Ethan started kindergarten at the same school two years ago. She was accepted into the French Immersion Program at school and her teacher is Madame Taylor. She is highly qualified as a French teacher, although this is her first year teaching kindergarten. This morning we had an orientation with her and we like her a lot. It will be interesting to see how this year plays out with a child learning a new language. Hailey is very excited about it and hopefully her enthusiasm will ease her struggles as she copes with this challenge. She was very happy that two of her good friends are in the same class as well. Ada and Jace both live on our street, so having buddies in there will make this transition a little smoother.

Devin's First Haircut

When Devin's hair started sprouting a year ago, we realzed that we had another curly haired kid on our hands! His blonde curly locks got longer and longer, and we were very hesitant to cut them...even a little. When Ethan had his first haircut at the same age, it started growing in straighter and straighter. Now you would never know that once upon a time his hair was as curly as his little brother's hair. Well, the time finally came and Cody and I decided to trim it just a little. Only around the ears and neck. We would leave it long and curly on top. The kid did NOT want to sit still for a cutting, but bribing him with Pringles and gummy worms did the trick. I think the outcome is pretty cute! Why is it that cutting a fraction of an inch of baby hair off suddenly makes them age an entire year? Sad.

Lauren's Cast Removal

After almost seven weeks of waiting and being totally inconvenienced, Lauren got to have her cast removed. She never had a plaster cast, but rather a tape cast. They are very similar, but her arm and hand were splinted and then a special tape was wrapped around it. The middle layer was bandaged, and then the outer layers were Coban tape that we had to change almost every day. By the last week her poor arm was just a modgepodge of whatever Coban tapes we had left. Boy the thing was very nasty looking and smelled horrible!

Lauren was very apprehensive about having the cast removed. She had nursed her arm and was very protective of it. She was very scared the morning we went in to see the orthopedist, and she kept saying "I want the sleep medicine so that I will go to sleep and won't be scared." Sorry kid, but there was no way you were puting your mama through the worry of another round of general anesthesia!
Lauren had a pin in her finger and when they took it out, I about lost my breakfast. Blood squirted out everywhere and even got on my clothes. For a mom with five kids, I have an incredibly weak stomach. Lauren cried a lot and I tried to keep it together so that MY fear didn't rub off on her even more.

Her hand and arm looked like it belonged to a zombie. And her fingernails that had been inside he cast were about half an inch long! I was not prepared for how gruesome it would be when they took everything off. Lauren was way more brave than I was.

After lots of waiting and x-rays, the orthopedist seemed very pleased with how it turned out. He said that in three months she will go back in and he'll evaluate things and see where we go from there. Dr. Hutchinson sent us over to the Orthopdeic Hospital to get splinted. After watching how a splint is made, I now believe that it's an art more than a science. Lauren chose purple over pink, which surprised me. Before her splint went on, the therapist had her do some special hand exercises and she showed me how to do them with her at home. Well, Lauren has yet to allow me to do the exercises with her. She is still nursing that hand and refuses to move her fingers. I can't say I blame her! The great news is that her splint is removable and she can swim in it!!! We were so happy to hear that! I have to change the dressings every time she bathes or swims and although I'm not crazy about doing that, if it means we can swim and live life as we once did....I'll take it!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garrett Allan- 4 Months

Weight 15.75 lbs = 57%
Height 26.5 inches = 89%
Head 17 inches = 62%


Look at this beautiful man! How lucky am I that I get to spend eternity with him? Someone pinch me :)

We celebrated our nine year anniversary on August 1st. So much has happened to us in this {almost] decade of our lives. I love him so much more now than I did the day I married him, and I thought I loved him a lot back then. That night we had Jessica over to babysit the older four, while Garrett played tagalong on our date. It made us giggle when people would ask about the baby and assumed him to be our only child. I loved the looks of surprise when we'd tell them he was actually our fifth. We ate dinner at PF Changs downtown and then headed over to the Gateway to browse some shops and buy some chocolate covered strawberries and some suckers for the kids. We spent a lot of time in Dick's Sporting Goods, and honestly, we could spend hours in that place. Not the most adventurous or romantic anniversary, but just spending quality time together was plenty for me. Here's to many many more happy years!