Monday, August 22, 2011

Devin's First Haircut

When Devin's hair started sprouting a year ago, we realzed that we had another curly haired kid on our hands! His blonde curly locks got longer and longer, and we were very hesitant to cut them...even a little. When Ethan had his first haircut at the same age, it started growing in straighter and straighter. Now you would never know that once upon a time his hair was as curly as his little brother's hair. Well, the time finally came and Cody and I decided to trim it just a little. Only around the ears and neck. We would leave it long and curly on top. The kid did NOT want to sit still for a cutting, but bribing him with Pringles and gummy worms did the trick. I think the outcome is pretty cute! Why is it that cutting a fraction of an inch of baby hair off suddenly makes them age an entire year? Sad.

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