"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life;
to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived." ~Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cody's 20th Reunion

(disclaimer- these pictures are all out of order because the upload went haywire!)

Cody graduated highschool in 1992, so this year makes it 20 years. Holy moly! Cody's 10 year reunion was a few weeks before we got married and I remember having so much fun at it. Can't believe it was 10 years ago because NOW...we aren't a cute and fancy free engaged couple, but we are a beaten down, worn out couple with five kids!

Cody went to a super small highschool and I remember when I first learned just HOW small it was, I joked that it was a one room school that doubled as a church on Sundays. There were about 780 people in my graduating class, and only about 85 in his. Huge difference. But whenever I get together with him and his HS frinds, I find myself feeling jealous of the close knit group that they were and still are. I am realizing that the advantages strongly outweigh the disadvatnages of going to a small school. I just love his classmates and I am already excited about the 25 year reunion which is already being planned!

On Friday night, we barely made it into ton in time to drop the kids of with Grandma and Grandpa and head over to the first event of the reunion. Everyone met at the local golf club and there was good food and lots of drinks! Cody and I, of course didn't do any of the latter, but we had a blast mingling and catching up with people. We had so much fun, in fact, that no one wanted the party to end even when they were closing up shop. Everyone moved the party to a different "venue", which happened to be a really fun bar! Yup, Cody and I went to a bar and it was a lot of fun. Again, we didn't drink anything other than Coke, but it was great nonetheless. We saw a tranny and I even got hit on by a guy who thought I was a single lady (while Cody was off getting us drinks). Made my day, even if the guy may ahve been a little drunk.

After getting just a little bit of sleep (because we were out super late) we got up and got ready to go over to the old high school for a "tour". Cody had arranged for the school to be opened up for the class of '92 to have a walk down memory lane. I think that most peopel opted to sleep in after a very late night, because only a handfull of people showed up at the school. It was fun walking through the halls, even though I didn't go to the school. Guess I just really love schools! The kids thought it was so weird and funny that Dad actually went to school and had a locker and ate lunch in a cafeteria. In the afternoon a lot of people met up at the lake for a potluck type cookout. There was a good turnout and again, it was a lot of fun. Have I mentioned that the reunion was a lot of fun? We were so busy visiting that we didn't take many pictures.

We joke that Garrett looks like Patrick Swayze because of his hair.  Couldn't resist takeing his picture by the teacher's sign!

Bowling With Cousins

A couple of weeks ago, the kids wanted their cousins to sleep over. Unfortunately, we couldn't get our schedules to workout so we opted for a MOCK sleep over. Carson and Cole came over and we loaded up and headed for the bowling ally. We had lots of fun! Mom bowled horribly and she didn't even have the excuse of being pregnant or having a baby on her hip. She was just plain bad....and she even had the bumpers! We ate some greasy and over priced junk food for dinner and then went home to make 'smores in the fire bowl, light a bunch of sparklers, and have a water gun fight. Sadly, we only got pictures from bowling. At about 9:30, Dad took the cousins home. Now all they talk about is when we get to have the next REAL sleep over.

This was Devin's first time to really get to bowl and he was in Heaven!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

I feel I had to go extra overboard this year in Fathers Day because Cody got pretty jipped last year. In my defense, however, I hadn't slept in two months because of Garrett's issues. My life at that point was a big blur! So much got put on that back burner last spring and summer, but this year has been loads better. Even though I didn't get the 2011 version of the "Dad" book put together, I was still able to interview the kids. So this year I put the 2011 AND the 2012 editions together and we had a good laugh while reading the questions and answers in the book. Here is this year:

Ethan- age 8 1/2
How old is Dad? 38
How tall is Dad? I don't know, maybe about 10 feet. No, actually 10 1/2 feet tall.
How much does Dad weigh? 200 pounds
What does Dad like to eat? Maybe like his Dad's dead cow...you know steak. And potatoes because he lived in Idaho. Oh, and licorice.
What sports does he like? Football, baseball, soccer and golfing.
What does Dad do at home? Does laundry, mops the floors, plays with me in the backyard.
What does he do at church? Goes to meetings, takes Devin to nursery, gives me blessings.
What does Dad do at work? Raises money so we can live in this house, does his job, and projects. What does he do after I go to bed at night? Watches a movie with Mom, cleans up throw-up.
What does he like to watch on TV? Thor, the news, Transformers, StarWars, Football, and baseball. Who does Dad love? Our whole family
Why do you love Dad? He helps me clean up messes, he's a great dad and he builds things with me.

Hailey- age 6 1/2
How old is Dad? 38
How tall is Dad? 30 feet high
How much does Dad weigh? About 6 pounds
What does Dad like to eat? basghetti, chicken, noodles, pasta, oranges, apples, and chocolate.
What sports does he like? Basketball, soccer, and golf.
What does Dad do at home? Makes lunch for us, helps clean the house, plays with us.
What does he do at church? Goes to his class and goes to Sacrament Meeting.
What does Dad do at work? Works hard to get money so we can do fun things.
What does he do after I go to bed at night? Watches a movie with Mom and is silly.
What does he like to watch on TV? StarWars, I think.
Who does Dad love? His family.
Why do you love Dad? He does special things for us and he plays with me.

Chudda- age 4 3/4
How old is Dad? 40
How tall is Dad? Close to 50 feet tall.
How much does Dad weigh? 30 pounds.
What does Dad like to eat? Broccoli, mac & cheese, fish, popcorn shrimp.
What sports does he like? Baseball and football, and he likes to watch football too.
What does Dad do at home? Does cleaning, watches a movie, something on the computer.
What does he do at church? Goes to dad classes, but I can't know!
What does Dad do at work? His chores, cleans his office.  That's like his room.
What does he do after I go to bed at night? Likes to watch movies with Mom and eat pizza.
What does he like to watch on TV? Something not good for kids.
Who does Dad love? Mom and his kids.
Why do you love Dad? He helps me so hard.

(Next year Devin will answer the questions for the first time. That'll be a hoot!!)

For dinner, Cody requested lasagna, french bread, salad, and chocolate cake with strawberry sauce for dessert.  It was all soooo god, which was horrible for my dieting ways! We love the tradition of taking the kids to the store and letting them each pick out a present for Mom or Dad or for each other....something that THEY pick out that is individual to THEM.  This year, Hailey picked out an ice cream cake (which we had the next night for FHE dessert and it was amazing).  Devin picked out a pretty cool water gun, Lauren got him a fishing pole so we could go fishing all the time in Idaho, and Ethan got him the new Sherlock Holmes movie (we saw that recently for a date night and loved it). 

(Pay no attention to the missing "t" in "thoughts")

FHE Bike Ride

One of our favorite family things to do lately is taking bike rides/walks around the neighborhood and trail. The kids call it our "bike adventure trail". For FHE last week we did just that and after riding/walking for about two miles we ended up at the big park. We have had really great weather this summer (with the exception of this week because it's been horribly windy). Not many mosquitoes, not too hot, not too chilly. AND...the biggest news of that night is that Garrett decided to full on walk back and forth between people. We tried several times to get it on video, but the stinker got camera shy each time. Now he walks all around the room and I need to sneak up on him and get some footage when he doesn't see me!

Gymnastics Show

Hailey and Lauren had their end of term gymnastics shows two weeks ago. They have only been taking for a few weeks, but they did great and have really taken to it. Both girls like the balance beam and the bars the best. They have started asking me to watch YouTube clips of gymnastics on the computer, and they have both become a little obsessed with Nastia Lukin (or, "the pink leotard gymnastics girl") and they like to watch her a lot. Hailey told me that she wants to be her when she grows up. Uuuuuuh, yeah okay. We'll do what we can to help her, but hopefully her dreams change a bit because that's quite of bit of money we are looking at in the next decade! Ha ha ha.