Monday, September 16, 2013

Lauren- Star of the Week

Lauren's birthday is on Saturday so this week in her kindergarten class, she has the honor of being the Star of the Week.  Yesterday we worked on a poster all about her and today Dad and I (and Garrett) got to go into her class and tell her friends all about her.  And we brought donuts for everyone!  She also insisted on wearing her new lavender soccer jersey to show the class.  Three of her soccer team mates are in her class and they thought it was pretty cool.  This morning before school O told Lauren to pick out a book that she wanted me to read the class.  She picked Dr. Seuss "Fox In Socks".  Anyone who knows me well knows that I HATE Dr. Seuss, but Lauren likes that book so I agreed.  It turned out to be the worst possible book to read aloud first thing on a Monday morning and Dad and I took turns reading it.  I hate it even more now.

Whenever Lauren is spotlighted in class, she loves it when I tell about the day she was born and how Hailey jumped on my stomach and we thought Lauren was dead.  I always say "We thought Lauren had gone to sleep" and that always makes the teacher GASP.  Yeah, kind of a scary story, but Lauren loves it!

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