Thursday, August 12, 2010

Leighann & Skylar's Wedding Part 2

After everyone was back home from the Temple, it was a rat race trying to get everyting ready for the huge BBQ at Mom and Dad's house that night. The newlyweds opted for a casual reception rather than your typical fancy type. Did I mention how hot it was out there? Mom was smart and rented a few industrial sized fans to keep the place cooled down. The food was absolutely amazing because Spring Creek BBQ never disappoints. There was Karaoke, dancing, a soft serve ice cream machine, and lots of great company. I didn't get to enjoy a whole lot of it because I was taking pictures most of the time, but I did manage to sing a little via karaoke. That was my kind of party!

Matt got a LOT of good practice in while he carried Devin around and even ate with him sitting in his lap. He and Kam are due with their first next month so practice is good. He is going to be a great daddy! Devin got passed around all night and was a good sport about it. He eneded up falling asleep on our friend Aleta.

If you know the McCorkle's, you know we are a crude and crass bunch. Nothing is off limits in our family. Some pervo surprised the happy couple with a love basket of all kinds of goodies for them to take on their honeymoon. And then while I was taking pictures of guests, Evelyn, Philip, and some friends sneaked off to decorate their get-a-way car. Let's just say that everyone that pased their car in the greater Fort Worth area would know exactly what they were up to that night. It was great seeing Leighann and Skylar's faces when they saw the car. The inside was even filled with stuff! Oh Leighann. So sorry you were born into this family!

It was a great ending to a VERY busy two weeks of wedding preparations. And when we finally had a minute to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family who had arrived only a day before, it was time for our clan to pack up everything and hit the road the next morning. Real life back home was waiting for us.

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Lyns said...

Can I just say that I LOVE that your family is crude too?? I will refrain from publicly announcing the things we've done to newly married sibs (I got lucky--eloping is the way to go to avoid that stuff!)

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