"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life;
to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived." ~Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Irish Cold- Day 3

The weather man lied and said that on Tuesday there was a slight chance of rain and that it would be a little chilly.  Wrong!  It was so dang cold and it rained all day!  Our kids went to camp completely unprepared for the weather.  You could tell everyone there was desperately trying to stay warm.  No moms were to be seen because they were all in their cars (except for the crazy ones walking around snapping pictures).  Devin was so cold and cried almost the whole first hour, just like all the little kids did.  I told Lee that I didn't want him to end up hating it because of a bad experience being cold, so I grabbed him early and ran home to get warmer coats for Ethan and Lauren.  Ethan stayed for Golden Goal that day and I brought him and Paul Costa Vida burritos for lunch.  Everyone ate inside the school hallway to get warm.  I remembered I had an umbrella stashed in the van and when I gave it to Paul, he said I got the Best Host Mom Award. 

This is my favorite picture of Paul.  He hates it because he says "it makes me look 40!!"

Poor Kevin....he gave his coat to a girl in his group who was freezing.  Look at him soaked to the bone!

I picked Paul and Ethan up from camp that day, and everyone got home and tried to get warm.  Ethan soaked in a hot bath and Paul took a hot shower.  Even then I don't think they ever got warm enough!  When Cody got home from work, we loaded up and drove to Layton to get BBQ at our favorite place, Famous Daves.  That place is always super busy and any time we go, we have to wait at least half an hour to be seated. But because of the weather and because it was a Tuesday night, the place was almost empty.  We all ate waaaaaay too much.  Paul commented all week long about the portion sizes that Americans eat.  It's true!  Americans are so fat! 
Heading up to Layton for dinner. Just look at my adorable SIX kids!!

When we got home and finally got kids in bed, I went in to ask Paul if he laundry he needed to do, which he did.  I was shocked to doscover that he didn't know anything about doing laundry, or so he said!  I helped him get a load going and then we ended up hanging out and talking downstairs for what seemed to be forever, which we loved. That kid was an endless bundle of stories and interest. He was telling us about a movie that he thought was hilarious that we needed to see.  He asked if we could maybe stream it from the internet, and then I told him about this amazing thing called Red Box.  It was crazy that he didn't know what Red Box was!  He and I got in the van, even though I was already in PJs and drove to rent a movie from the Red Box machine.  He seemed to be pretty fascinated by it.  We came home, turned the movie on, and again stayed up waaaaaaay too late laughing and talking.  We were finding that it was difficult to keep up with 18 year old energy!
Pajama selfie!!

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