Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 Weeks & First Bath

Two weeks have gone by! The time is already flying. It's amazing to me how Devin has changed in such a short amount of time. I am cherishing every bit of his newborn weeks because I've finally learned how quickly they do end.

His cord fell of over the weekend. I think his has lasted the longest of any of my babies yet. On Sunday evening we gave him his first tub bath and he hated it. The girls bathed on one bathroom while Ethan and Davin bathed in another. Ethan was a good helper, but he got discouraged when Devin started crying and wouldn't stop. Each of our babies have disliked that first tub bath, so he's no different.

Yesterday he went for his two week check up and second PKU screening. Not a fun experience! His little heel bled for over an hour. But he is right on track for everything and is perfectly healthy. Thank you Lord! He has put on almost a pound in the last 10 days, although he hasn't grown much in height to speak of. He is becoming super alert and loves to be talked to. He stays awake for a long time during the day and only wakes up once during the night to eat (after his last feeding at midnight).

He has started having a bit of tummy trouble, which has me stumped because I am not eating anything that could be gas producing in my milk. But about 10 minutes after he eats he has trouble getting gas up and he gets fussy and agitated. Hopefully it's just a phase that will pass quickly. Other than that, we are just loving this boy and couldn't be happier that he is in our family!

One more thing, yesterday in the mail we got his social security card and his health insurance card. I always get a little excited when we get those because it says that the baby is a REAL person! I love to see their names on such official documents.


Julie said...

He is so perfect.


Sarah Stiles said...

What is is about those first baths? Cameron HATED his first bath, but after that he loved it. Go figure.

I love that you got a little smile in that last picture. Baby smiles are the best!

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