Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grandma Jane

This was the first time that Cody's mom has been able to come and help long term after we've had a baby. She was able to retire this year so she didn't have work to get back to. We are so grateful for that! She and Grandpa came into town two days before Devin was born. Grandpa went back to Idaho on Tuesday the 13th because he had some work to do at the house, but then he came back to pick her up on Tuesday the 20th.

Jane was a life saver to us. I have a new found appreciation and love for her. She cooked, she cleaned up all of the messes, she did laundry, she got kids up and ready and off to school...in a word she was amazing. And I'm so glad because recovery this go around has been very hard for me (being a 4th c-section). I had to lie in bed so much of the time and trust that my house was being run smoothly. I wish I had taken more pictures of her and the kids, but like I said I was not in much shape to be up and about. Thanks Jane, for all you did for us! We love you.

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