Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Fun

Today has been all about Easter. I can't believe it is on Sunday! This afternoon a package arrived from Granana and Gov. There is nothing more exciting to a child than getting a present in the mail. My grandmother used to always send us a goody package for different holidays and my mom is carrying on the tradition. The kids got their Easter package from her and were very excited about it. Thanks Granana!

Then we dyed Easter eggs after dinner. If you have even a drop of perfectionism in your blood, all that goes out the window when dying eggs with children. This year Ethan proved to be the authority on egg dying. I was impressed that he knew exactly what to do and he was good at helping the girls. We tried a glitter kit this year but it's way more hassle than it's worth. I'm all about sticking to plain old colors. It's much easier with kids. Maybe when they are older we'll try some of the fancier tricks. Tomorrow evening we'll be having a lesson about the atonement and resurrection. It will likely go over their heads, but then we'll eat cake and that will balance things out.

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