Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Sunday 2011

Today was the first Sunday of the new year, and that meant new classes in Primary. Earlier this week Cody had to go to the church's distribution center, and while he was there he picked up a Book of Mormon for each kid and had their names put on them. It was a little surprise for them this morning and they were pretty excited to take their new scriptures to church. My plan is to buy each of them a matching Bible and make them little carrying bags for them to keep all of the church stuff in. Of course as they get baptized at eight years old they will be given a nice leather quad, but this works for now.

This was an especially big year for Lauren because she started Sunbeams. She has been wanting to be in "big" Primary for months and today was the day! She is lucky to have three of her good friends in her class. When we got to the Sharing Time room today, she was a little apprehensive to sit with her class so she sat with Hailey for the first few minutes. But when we got her after church was over, she was so excited about Sunbeams! She was bouncing off the walls, telling me all about her teacher and her class. We are off to a great start!

Hailey is in her second year of Primary and is a CTR4. She is a little disappointed that most of her friends from last year are still in the same class together, but she is in a new class with some new kids. Good thing Jack is in her class, otherwise it would be pretty bad. She was also really happy at the end of church.
Ethan is a Primary veteran at this point, being in his fourth year with the big kids. He is a CTR6 and is falling right into place. He ran into the same disappointment as Hailey, not getting into the same class as most of his friends. He was a little sad after the get to know you breakfast on Friday, but today after church he seemed pretty okay with being among friends he didn't know as well. His good friend's mom is his teacher so that makes it a little better for him since he's very familiar with her. It's going to be a good year!

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alisquire said...

I was so impressed with them and their new scriptures! That's so great that Lauren already loves Primary! Now if the other Sunbeams would just follow suit...

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