Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Week With The Gov

The Gov came into town last week on Tuesday night. He and Mom are loaning Leighann and Skylar one of their cars and Dad drove it up for them, then flew back home. I had been looking forward to his trip for weeks! I always love it when my family comes for a visit, but this time I had a list a mile long of projects that I needed his help and know-how on. He is the most handy and mechanically minded person I know and his knowledge is invaluable. Ever since being released from my insanely busy church calling this fall, I feel like I am playing catch up to get things done that I didn't have time for during my year and a half of service.

Unfortunately, I came down with a terrible case of bronchitis and a nasty sinus infection for most of the week. I didn't have the health or energy to do most of things I'd been needing to while Dad was here. I finally turned a corner over the weekend and we spent three days busting our butts, getting things done that were on my list. And Gov did manage to squeeze in a little play time with the kiddos while here too. While he was here, we-

-Ate yummy brugers from In 'n Out
-Ran a whole slew of errands everyday
-Made four stackable sawhorses (so excited about these)
-Took a detailed tour of Home Depot where he gave me a crash course in tools
-Bought a miter saw
-Spent Sunday afternoon coloring with Hailey and Lauren (something I loved doing with him when I was little)
-Walked Ethan to school everyday in the freezing cold
-Watched The Office reruns every night
-Talked a LOT about family and life
-Built two framed in peg boards for the garage (I am in the process of finishing them)
-Went to church and enjoyed sitting in Gospel Doctrine together
-Took very precise measurements of our basement so he can draw up our plans to finish it in his nifty design software
-Cleaned and organized a lot in the basement and crawl space
-Made multiple trips to the hardware store
-Had a second Christmas of presents from him and Granana
-Took two van loads of stuff to DI
-Had deluxe BLT sandwiches
-Took our traditional Gov and PJed kids picture on the couch (that Chudda was very uncooperative to do)
-Said a hard goodbye on Monday, but looking forward to their visit again in April!


Joey and Nettifer said...

love it! You are so productive! Don't you just love taking things to DI!

Melanie said...

"The gov" is probably the funniest person I know! I'll never forget his old lady costume at the mall and getting kicked out! What a fun grandpa:)

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