Friday, January 21, 2011

Siblings= Lifelong Friends

On Tuesday Ethan was at a friend's house after school. While he was gone, Hailey came to me in the kitchen holding my wallet. I asked her what she was doing with it and she said "Mom, can I have some quarters to put in Ethan's piggy bank?"

A little confused, I asked her why.

"Because he's so nice to me and I love him so much. I miss him when he's gone."

My heart melted right there. I say it a lot, but I truly cherish my childrens' friendships with one another. I hope and pray that Cody and I can foster that love between them. I want them to always be close and to consider eachother "friends".

When Ethan came home from his friend's house that afternoon, I found him and Hailey sitting on the couch watching their favorite TV show. He had his arm around her and it was such a sweet picture.

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