Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hailey's School Party

Hailey's actual birthday fell on a school day, so it was fun getting to celebrate the REAL day with her school friends. I got to be the class mom and it was fun watching her be with her school buddies! I love working in my kids' classrooms and hearing "So and so's mom..." I was "Hailey's Mom" all day and I liked it a lot. I love being this girl's mom. They have been learning about the letter H this week and Wednesday was horrible hair day. I opted NOT to wear my hair badly, but Hailey and I had fun fixing her horrible hair that morning. Hailey requested pink cookies for her birthday treat, and I did my best to deliver! We had to do a little presentation all about Hailey and we found a lot of things to put in a bag. One by one we pulled them out and told what it had to do with Hailey. We brought her photo albmu from when she was a newborn and I loved hearing all of the "Ooooooh, look how cute!" comments from the kids, mainly from the girls and the teacher. That day was surely all about Miss Hailey Jane!

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