"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life;
to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived." ~Henry David Thoreau

Friday, October 18, 2013

One Degree From Matt Bomer

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I have quite the list of Hollywood crushes.  Hugh Jackman is at the top of that list, followed by a close second of Matt Bomer.  For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of getting to know this beautiful man, I suggest you watch an episode of "White Collar" which is currently available on Netflix. 

I feel a sense of camaraderie to Matt Bomer because he graduated from Klein High School c/o 96, which was one of our rival high schools.  I know it's silly, but him being a fellow Houstonian and a fellow Cy-Fair ISD-ian, makes me feel like he's my friend.  Or my boyfriend even.  Yup, I totally could have taken him to homecoming a couple of years running.  I wish I could go back in time and kiss his face.  Am I getting carried away?  Perhaps a little.

So a new family moved in a few houses down from us.  I'll call them the Smiths.  Tonight was our church's halloween party and Smith and his wife swhoed up in football attire.  He was in a football jersey and she was in his letterman's jacket.  My eyes imediately zoned into the bright blue letters that read "KLEIN" on his jersey.  I thought "Huh, I know of a Klein High School".  And then my eye caught the letterman jacket that had four Texas patched down the side.  No. Freaking.  Way.

I grabbed his attention.  Even though the Smiths moved in a couple of months ago, I haven't had a chance to get out and meet them since my surgery.  So I said "Hey, are you from Houston??!"  He smiled and said "Yes!!" 

You see, people from Texas love meeting other people from Texas.  And especially living in Utah where I am surrounded by nothing but other people who are born and bred in Utah (and that is a-okay, but makes me feel a little homesick) it's rare to run into someone from my home state.  Let alone my home town, let along my home school district!!  He and I got to talking rather loudly and rather obnoxiously, and his wife teased that we were typical Texans.  Yes, we are and proud of it!  We talked about high school football and the new stadium and all that.  I told him we were new best friends and that he should come by and we'll talk about who's who. 

Out in the hall while standing in line for food, it dawned on me that Matt Bomer went to Klein.  Duh!  And....wait for it....Matt Bomer played football at Klein.  And Matt Bomer graduated high school a year before Smith.  My husband is the one who pointed out the fact that Smith likely knew Bomer.  It took every bit of self restraint not to bust back into the gym and grab Smith and bombard him with more questions.

Back in the gym while sitting around the tables, Smith got my attention and started asking me more questions about my home church stake and if I knew certain people.  Well, since we were on that subject anyway, I couldn't resist.  "I have just one question for you.  Do you by chance know Matt Bomer?"

"Heck yeah!!  played football with him.  In fact, I've taken several showers with the guy too," Smith said with a laugh.

Oh.  My Gosh.  I could feel the blood rushing into every part of my face.  My knees shook.  I started giggling like a silly  school girl.  A silly school girl in heat. I won't lie-  I intentionally reached out and touched his arm.  Yup, I wanted to touch the man who used to shower with Matt Bomer.  Because in a way, it's like I showered with Matt Bomer too.

While sitting back at the table eating my chili, trying to disguise the redness in my face that Cody wouldn't stop teasing me about, something else dawned on me.  Matt Bomer's costar on "White Collar" is Tiffani Thiessen.  Tiffani Thiessen is Kelly Kapowski.  Kelly Kapowski is Zack Morris' girl friend turned wife.  So it's kind of like Matt Bomer is a part of "Saved By The Bell".

So I kind of took a shower with Zack Morris as well.  Be still my heart.  Life don't get better than this!

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