Monday, January 25, 2010

No Empty Seats

Tonight for FHE we talked about families and what makes up families. We talked about how a family is like a team, much like a sports team. Each person has an important position (or job) and the team functions most affectively when everyone does their job. Families are like teams. I think Ethan really understood that concept. And who is our coach? At first he said "Coach Fox" (who has coached his sports teams in the past). That made us laugh. No, Heavenly Father is our coach. He is pushing us and testing us and rooting for us. He guides us and helps us know what is the right "play" and what will lead us to achieve our greatest happiness. Wow Mom, you are so smart!

We then talked about what Heaven will be like when we are all there together as a family. It will very happy is we are all there together. And what will make it not so happy? If one of us is missing. They did each understand that. Hailey said "I't won't be happy if Daddy isn't there with us." I kind of laughed. "Yes Hailey, it won't be happy if Daddy isn't there with us."

We decided on a family motto, or slogan. I know this is not original and it's been adapted by many families, but that is likely because it's all encompasing. "No empty seats" is what we are using as our motto. I love it.
The kids each drew pictures of what our motto means to them. Priceless.


Miles and Bex said...

Great FHE idea! We might just have to do that one next week. I love that Cafe Rio Pork recipe. There is a chicken one too that we love. Devin is sure getting big and so cute! Hope life slows down for you a little so you can put your feet up and relax.

Bellie said...

Love that FHE idea, so creative. We were out of town so sorry I have not gotten the pictures to you. I will see if we can get them burned for you tomorrow.

alisquire said...

Did Hailey write that all by herself? I am so impressed with her handwriting! Ada has a hard time writing most letters.

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