Monday, December 12, 2011

Texas Thanksgiving- The Art Barn

On Wednesday afternoon we headed to the north end of Joshua to a new place that recently opened up call The Art Barn. The Clemons met us there from their drive up from Killeen and it was a fun reunion seeing everyone. I couldn't believe how much the girls had grown! Lilly has braces!! The Art Barn was a really cool place full of ceramics ready to paint. Ethan chose a four wheeler, Hailey a unicorn, Lauren a shark (of all the things to choose from...this one made us laugh), Devin of course chose a Lightening McQueen bank, Devin "chose" a cute dragon, and I painted a cookie plate to use for Christmas. Once things were painted it took two weeks for them to fire them and return the pieces to the store, so obviously we wouldn't be able to take them with us. My parents will be bringing them with them in March when they come for Ethan's baptism. I can't wait to see how everything turned out! (BTW, the paint colors will look much darker and more vibrant once the pieces are fired.)

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