Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas PJs

On December 1st we had a fun surprise at our house. While Mom was upstairs cleaning the dinner dishes and Dad was downstairs playing with the kids, an elf sneaked in and left us some presents! Mom called the kids upstairs and they discovered these pretty packages sitting on the front room couch.

They were a little bewildered and tried to figure out just how that elf got in the house! Hailey came to the conclusion that he must have crept in when Dad opened the front door when we got home from work. Hailey assured us that elves are very small and that he could have come in with no one knowing it.

Well however he got in, he left these presents. Inside were PJs for each of the kids, and instructions that they are to wear these special jammies all through December (except when they needed washing, of course.) They were so excited about them, and we could think of no better way to kick off this fun month of Christmas!

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Kristin and Joe said...

Hey, just browsed at your blog today, and I have to say that the picture of your 4 kids in their Christmas pj's is about the cutest thing ever! Darling!!

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