Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trimming the Tree

On the same night that the elf brought the presents, we trimmed the tree in the front room. A few nights before for FHE, we all went and found the perfect tree together. Well, we all thought it was the prefect tree, except Hailey. She was sad because she found a pathetic little Charlie Brown tree that she thought was so "cute". She was a pretty sad girl when we didn't take that one home.

Devin of course slept in his swing during the festivities. And of course Mom ended up fixing the arrangement of ornaments after kids went to bed. (They all seem to cluster them in only one sport at eye level.)

I just love going through the box of ornaments. When Ethan was a baby I started putting a framed family picture ornament for each year on the tree. We have quite the collection of them now, and it feels like the tree is more of a scrapbook than a decoration. All of the ornaments mean so much to me. Little souvenirs of our years together, of our life.

We ended the night with hot cocoa in the kitchen. Ahhhh, this time of year is so magical!

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