Saturday, December 12, 2009

Excited For Christmas

Ethan made this chain at school and he wanted to hang it in the living room for all to see. Each night we take off a link and when we get to the gold one, that means Christmas day is here! He has reminded me of that that EVERY day this month. The chain is one of the many great ideas his teacher comes up with for them to do.

Today has been a cold and snowy Saturday. Cody had to go to the store this morning and he came home with bread bowls. He suggested eating chili out of bread bowls for dinner. What a perfect cold night meal! After dinner we made and decorated sugar cookies while we watched "The Polar Express" on TV. I'm not a fan of that movie. Cody and I find it creepy, but the kids really love it.

Cody also had the idea of camping out with the kids in the front living room by the Christmas tree. So he and Ethan set up "camp" then we had our family prayer and read Christmas books together down there. It took them a long while and lots of threats before they finally settled down, but things are quiet now so I assume the kids are all asleep. Devin is in the swing sleeping by me. The night is calm. This has been such a fantastic day!


Amy said...

What great ideas!

alisquire said...

We have a chain hanging from the same spot in our house. Ada just loves it. I love your kids' Christmas jammies. What a great idea!

Miles and Bex said...

Every year I plan on buying Christmas jammies and every year I forget. Maybe next year. Maybe next year I will get my Christmas cards out too. Your family is definetly growing and adorable. Merry Christmas!

Sarah Stiles said...

I love that chain idea. I wish we had something like that for Cameron. EVERY DAY he asks us if it is Christmas yet, lol. I want to get one of those fun advent calenders that you can put treats in, so each day he gets a different candy.

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