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to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived." ~Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Girl Scout Investiture

Two years ago, when Hailey was three and a half, I started thinking about Girl Scouts. I remembered back to my days as a Scout and I have so many wonderful memories of that time in my life. I began looking into local troops and I found none. Absolutely none, at least not for very young girls. I knew Hailey would be elidgible to start Girl Scouts when she entered kindergarten, and I started finding out how to form a troop from the ground up. Little did I know at the time what would come of that small idea from way back then.

I am very fortunate that my friend and neighbor, Anabel, was very eager to help me with the endeavor. She had no experience with Girl Scouts, but she was interested and wanted that opportunity for her daughter. So was very willing to volunteer as my co-leader and I am so grateful for her! We originally set out to have maybe seven or eight girls in our troop, and we have ended up with fifteen! We actually had to start turning people away at a certain point because our troop was filled to the brim.

We have been meeting regularly since the school year began and what a fun adventure this has been. Tonight we had our first official program where the girls got "invested" into Girl Scouts and made a pledge with the Girl Scout Promise. We had a wonderful turnout from the girls' friends and families, and I am very thankful to Cody and the other parents who helped tonight. We couldn't have done it without them! We tried to make tonight very personal for each girl, and we displayed pictures of each of them in full uniform with a bio about them. We also had several troop group shots displayed as well.

I hope Hailey has a good time in Girl Scouts. From what she says and how she acts, I think she is having a blast. I think that EVERY girl should have this opprotunity available to her, and I hope that when Lauren enters kindergarten in two years that another mom will have stepped up and started a troop for girls her age. She wants so badly to be in our troop, so I call her an "honorary Scout" and let her sit in on the activities. I have a feeling that Anabel and I have started something. Maybe we're trailblazers and have started a Girl Scout movement within our community! I would love to see several more troops form in the next few years!


Carli said...

you are seriously good at everything! I need to stop being so lazy!

Bel said...

It was a wonderful ceremony! I am glad to have the opportunity to do thus with you and as you can tell from last night my heart is fully invested in this beautiful journey. I am glad it was a success and parents really seem to enjoy it. Yay for Troop 362!!