Monday, November 23, 2009

Devin- Six Weeks

We survived the first 6 weeks- or 42 days. That always feels like a huge milestone. Maybe it's because it is such a huge milestone in terms of my own physical recovery. I am now good to start exercising again and I started off the week by walking to pick Ethan up from school. It may not sound like a big deal, but for someone who hasn't been able to exercise in months and who is still recovering from major surgery, it's big. I packed Devin in the sling and pushed the girls in the double stroller. I was REALLY feeling it when I approached the school. It felt awesome! Now I'm going to dust off my lonely eliptical and start using it tomorrow...that is if I can find thirty minutes of time away from my extremely high maintenance baby.

Devin started off life as a perfect baby. Then at about week three he started to get fussy and throw up sometimes after eating. And I'm not talking about spit up- I'm talking about projectile vomit that comes shooting out and hits you in the face! His attitude progressively got worse and he was throwing up a lot, and now at week 6 we are all pretty miserable around here.

I took him to the doctor on Friday and he is sure he's got reflux, so he started him on a couple of different meds that day. I hate to medicate such a young baby, but I'm at my wits end. He stopped vomiting right away and hasn't done it since. But he is still in pain every time he eats and he cries so much of the time. I guess it's something that he'll grow out of, but in the mean time I am pretty frazzled.

At his appointment on Friday he weigh almost 11.5 pounds. What a chunker! Even though he is cranky a ton of the time lately, I am still absolutely in love with this little guy. I know it's just a phase that he has to go through, so I'm being pretty patient. Woo hoo! We made it the first 6 weeks!

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