Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Halloween to Remember

There are moments in parents' lives that they never forget. The birth of each baby, milestone birthdays, graduations, and especially holidays where everyone is sick. Halloween 2009 is a memory that will last forever.

The day started with mom feeling terrible. Not because she was sick, but because of post baby related stuff. Recovery this go around has been very difficult and she was feeling very sore and weak all day long.

To make things worse, Ethan and Lauren were running fever and Lauren had a really bad head cold also. To top it off, all day long Hailey had been having pee-pee accidents in her pants every half hour. Mom and Dad's nerves were shot. Oh, and Devin had been colicky the whole night before for some unexplained reason. We were all exhausted, emotionally and physically.

In the afternoon Hailey started running fever too. She then started screaming and crying every time she tried to go to the bathroom. Putting all the clues together only meant one thing- a urinary tract infection. And on Halloween! After much deliberation about whether to let the kids go trick-or-treating, we finally decided to let them go to at least a few houses. It just wasn't worth the fight making them stay home entirely.

By dinner time Hailey was feeling TERRIBLE, but she still really wanted to go. So we quickly got them all dressed, snapped some pictures, and they were off with Dad. A really tired and sore mom stayed home to pass out candy to the 1,000 trick-or-treaters who showed up.

As soon as Dad walked back in the door with the kids, mom quickly got Hailey changed and ready so Dad could take her to instacare. Luckily there were a few open even with the holiday. So mom stayed home taking care of the other sick kids, and Dad and Hailey got back home around 11:00 that night. Yup, Hailey for sure had a UTI. As a bribe to get her to pee in the cup, Dad promised her a McDonald's milkshake. She walked in sporting the shake and was very proud of herself.

The nurses and doctor (who's last name happened to be joke) loaded her up with lots of stickers and handfulls of candy. What a lucky girl! Except for the whole UTI thing. What an eventful night! Good thing we gained an hour of sleep with the time change last night.

It was a Halloween to remember!

A witch
A ladybug- notice the costume change from the day before! Still refusing to wear her fairy costume that she picked out.
Happy Halloween!

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Chambers Family said...

Sorry I haven't been checking blogs lately...CONGRATS on your baby. I love the name:) Sorry about Halloween. Sounds like you are adjusting to 4 though. It's crazy and normal at the same time huh?
I remember feeling like a shell of myself for about 6 weeks (which is not normal) after baby #4. It's a busy and wonderful time though. I'm sure eventually you will laugh right?? Good Luck though.

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