Friday, September 24, 2010

All About Lauren at 3

At three years old Lauren-

-Is 99% potty trained. It has been a very gradual process, and she has trained herself more or less. She did what Hailey did and decided one day that she was done with diapers and wanted "big girl underwears". As of today she has gone five full days and not a single accident. That is a record, and I think she may finally have the hang of it!

-Goes to Senior Nursery and loves it. She always talks about her nursery friends and loves to have play dates with them.

-Can not wait to be a Sunbeam. Every Sunday I take all the kids in with me to the Primary room as I am setting stuff up, and she loves to sit on the front row in Hailey's class. She wants to be a Sunbeam so badly! Next year sweetie, next year!

-Can snap her fingers.

-Has the most adorable curly blonde hair in cheek dimples that are so deep, I swear they meet in the middle of her mouth.

-Loves it when I get mad at one of the other kids...and she says "But I don't do that, right Mom?" or "Hailey's a bad girl, but I'm a good girl. Right Mom?"

-Has a love hate relationship with the next door neighbor boy, Jack.

-Has a tiny appetite unless it is mac 'n cheese, chicken nuggets, waffles, scrambled eggs, cheese, chocolate milk (insists on it being in a sippy even though she is far past that stage...she says it tastes better that way) Pringles, or chocolate of any kind. You know, she loves the really healthy stuff.

-Loves having her finger and toe nails painted, magenta with a glitter top coat.

-Is such a good girl in her ballet class. She fits in with all the big girls.

-Wears a size three shirt, dress, and pants (even though the pants are still a little too long) and a size seven shoe.

-Climbs on everything.

-Is constantly singing.

-Loves My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Littlest Pet Shop, Polly Pocket, antyhing princess, baby dolls, dressing up, tea parties, and dinosaurs.

-Wants to learn how to peddle a bike but still can't get the hang of it.

-Is fearless on slides, not matter how big they are.

-Throws a tantrum at the drop of a hat. Hmmm, she must be three!

-Calls her toys "Sweetie" as she plays with them, even if it is a T-Rex.

-Never wants to get out of the bath tub.

-Hates having her hair brushed in the morning when it is full of tangles. I have started putting her hair in one braid after her bath at night and it makes our mornings go a little easier. She likes to wear her hair in two braids during the day and she looks like the Swiss Miss girl.

-Is dying to go to Hailey's preschool. Again, next year!

-Smothers her baby brother. She loves him to death one minute, and then hates him the next. She has started dis-liking him more recently because he is in to all of her things. And I know he gets a kick out of making her squeal. But when she loves him, I am afraid to leave him alone with her because she loves him too hard!

-Has the cutest little legs and tushy.

-Is so slow at getting up to the table at meal time. During breakfast, she makes a game out of being the last one to the table when we are in a hurry. Ethan always starts saying the prayer without her, and then that sends her into hysterics and she is so mad that he prayed without her being at the table yet. Oh, what a pill!

....I am sure I'll add more to this as they come to me.

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