Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I Did Today

-Woke up from a VERY deep sleep, made breakfast, did not throw it up, packed Ethan's lunch, got Ethan ready and dropped off at school.

-Unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned breakfast dishes.

-Changed dirty diapers.

-Nursed two feverish kids back to health (well, attempted to get them healthy to no avail).

-Gave many doses of Tylenol and Ibuprofen to two sick kids.

-Did Hailey's hair. Lauren is sick and would not let me touch her hair.

-Put away four heaping baskets of laundry, took all the dirty laundry down to the basement, sorted it, washed it, folded it AS IT CAME OUT of the dryer, and got it all folded but two and half baskets worth. That is a LOT of laundry and I am proud.

-Put clean sheets back on Ethan's bunk beds and in Devin's crib.

-Made Lauren's 3 year check up appointment.

-Made grilled cheese snadwiches for lunch, and then cleaned up lunch dishes.

-Did a lot of Primary business.

-Kept the baby from falling through the gate at the top of the stairs many times.

-Made Lauren lots of chocolate milk, because that is the only thing she wants in her tummy today.

-Organized our schedules/family calendar for September.

-Took a walk to pick up Ethan from school and then let the kids play at the park for a while on the way back. Poor Lauren felt horrible so she stayed in the stroller.

-Got Ethan ready for his soccer game which Daddy and Hailey went to while I stayed home with sick kids.

-Made spaghetti, per Ethan's request.

-Left all four kids with Dad this evening while I went to Round Table (Scout stuff) with my awesome second counselor. Got lots of chocolate as a reward for going tonight.

-Came home to two little babies running even HIGHER fevers than when I left.

-Witnessed the power of the Priesthood in my home as Cody gave Lauren a blessing. Thanked the Lord for bringing such a good man into my life.

-Kissed my sweet husband goodnight as he retired to the basement to sleep, while Lauren sleeps with me in our bed so I can keep a close eye on her.

-Left the dinner dishes in the sink for the morning. Too tired tonight.

-I did not lie down once today. I am truly exhausted but feel somewhat accomplished.

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Heather said...

Dude. You're Super Mom. I mean that.

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