"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life;
to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived." ~Henry David Thoreau

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lauren Turns 3

I know I say this every time one of my children reaches a new milestone, and I will continue to say it because I am forever in awe at the pace that our lives fly by us. I can't believe that the little baby I snuggled against my chest turned three years old. Three years ago sweet little Lauren entered our world slightly ahead of schedule (almost three weeks early thanks to the antics of her older sister). Six pounds and ten ounces of her and I was smitten.

On her actual birthday of September 21st, we had our traditional family party in the evening. We did her friend party the previous weekend and she got totally loaded up on presents, but still we spoiled her in our own way. Since we had been caked out with the gazillion cupcakes I made for her friend party, I suggest to Lauren that we have brownies for her family party and she was super excited about that. I knew she would be.

After ballet class in the morning and dropping Hailey off at school, I asked Lauren what she wanted for lunch and of course she wanted a McDonalds Happy Meal. So we swung by McDonalds, came home and put Devin down for a nap, and then the two of us enjoyed lunch together. She gets so excited when it's just the two of us...no Devin to get in our way. Then we made brownies and she licked everything that was covered in batter. After the brownies were made I asked her if we should play beauty parlor. The sweet girl said we should wait until Hailey got home from school because she would be sad if she couldn't play too. I love this girl. So when Hailey got home we painted our nails (complete with a glitter coat on top) and I put a face full of make up on both of them.

That night after dinner of MORE chicken nuggets and mac 'n cheese (per her request) we got down to the business of the party. She got a new book and a roll of quarters from Grandma and Grandpa, sticker and coloring books, two new movies, a Princess Tiana dress, more Polly Pockets and Littlest Pet Shop, an elephant family (from Hailey) and three whole dollar bills.

Then we scarfed down a plate of brownies with vanilla ice cream and decided it had been a great birthday week. Granana and Gov's present is still in the mail so she has that to look forward to later in the week. It is so fun being three!

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