Monday, September 20, 2010

A New Additon

On Saturday night at 11:30, after MUCH anticipation and anxiety, Orion Matthew McCorkle made his debut. Matt and Kamishia had been planning for a home birth all along. They had done their homework, went through a couple pf different midwives before landing on the perfect one, and had everything set. After many years of working as a paramedic, Matthew had even delivered his share of babies first hand. So having a baby at home came naturally to these two.

Sometime early on Saturday morning, Kam's water broke and labor was in full force. Contractions were somewhat irregular, but strong and coming three to five minutes apart. This went on ALL day long. Kam is a real warrior and she did great at laboring. Sometime in the late afternoon after over twelve hours of intense labor and dilating to eight centimeters, they realized that the baby had turned breech at some point! What??!! When did that happen? They were then at a crossroads as to what they would do next. The team of midwives kept a very close eye on Kam and the baby for a few hours, and Kam kept at it. But sometime around 10:00 they all decided that a c-section was the only way this baby was going to make it safely into the world.

So after many many updates through out the day, Matthew let us know they were heading to the hospital. Such a blow to their plans, but getting the baby and mother safely delivered was the most important thing. So after a long nine months of guessing the baby was a boy or a girl (they didn't want to find out before the birth) Matt was the one in the OR to get to tell Kam that they had a son! 6 lbs, 12 ounces, and 19 inches long. A head full of curly black hair and an absolutely perfect little body. I am so excited to see my brother as a daddy. He will be a natural at it and I know he and Kam are going to have a great life being the parents to this sweet little guy!

Congrats you three! We are so exited to get to meet the little tyke in a few months!

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