Monday, March 14, 2011

Lonely No More

This morning the house felt very erie. Thanks to daylight savings time, the kids slept extra late. Ethan was off to school, then Hailey trailed in and after breakfast she sat quietly in the living room reading books. Lauren and Devin were still sleeping soundly, which never happens that late unless they are sick or there is a time change. Hailey kept asking when she could wake up her "friends". Finally Devin started talking to himself in his room so she dashed in there to say good morning. A while later I went in there and found his crib completely full of toys. Hailey said she didn't want him to be lonely. She is such a thoughtful big sister!

{Yes, he is in fact in a purple bedroom. His crib is temporarily being housed in what will be the girls' room while we are doing construction in the basement. Then we will be doing a massive bedroom switch up!}

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