Saturday, March 12, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Ballet Recital

Tonight we went to the girls' long anticipated ballet recital. Their studio does NOT mess around. This performance was incredible! Last year Hailey and I went to their production of "Swan Lake" while we were decided whether to enroll her or not, and that show is what sealed the deal. That was great, but this show was better.

They did an "almost" full production of the orgiginal ballet, with a few modifications. Of course the older girls do the lead rolls, but the younger classes do supporting roles. Hailey and Lauren's class were the roses in the Capulet garden scene. They danced with a soloist named Abby, who couldn't be older than 14 but she was awesome. I could not believe her strength and stamina! She was so sweet to them while they rehearsed over the last few weeks and tonight she gave the girls a huge hug after the encore.

I was blown away at how smooth and organized everything was. They had a huge break room for the dancers to stay in while they were not on stage. There were many volunteer moms in there helping and the girls had a lot of fun. I peeked in a few times to see if either of them needed to go potty, and each time they were running around playing duck duck goose or something like it.

The show was very, very emotional. The balcony that they constructed was very impressive and ever since she saw it at rehearsal earlier this week, Hailey insisted that SHE would be going up into it, not Juliet. She was a little disappointed. I was sad that I couldn't get a single picture of them doing their actual dance, but my hands were busy with the video camera. I did, however, get pictures of the encore at the end.

Miss Kristina, who we love because she loves our girls so much!
Waiting for the show to start. You can see how excited Ethan is to be there!
Miss Abby, their cute soloist.

Aunt Leighann and Uncle Skylar came up to see the show and really appreciate that. Thanks for coming!

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Joey and Nettifer said...

that is so precious! They both look adorable! What a fun night. Be proud mama!

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