Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ethan's School Party 10-30-08

I had the fun privilege of working in Ethan's classroom last Thursday. It was their Halloween party and we had a blast! The kids were so adorable in the costumes. Hailey got to tag along and she was thrilled. She will be in Ms. Kari's class next year and she already thinks Kari hung the moon.
The class read a cute book about a witch who delivers pizzas to make enough money to feed her 40 cats. Then after the book was finished one of the moms surprised the kids by dressing like a witch and bringing them pizza. There were a lot of squeals from the class.

Luke dressed like Anakin Skywalker, so here we have Anakin before and Anakin after.

Hailey had a good time participating like a big kid. She will be all set for next year!

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