Tuesday, November 4, 2008


By the time Friday night got here, the kids were Halloweened out. So were Mom and Dad. Lauren stayed home with Dad while Mom took Ethan and Hailey out. They only made it around the block before they were "too tired to go on".

Vader and Yoda making nice.

Lauren wanted in on the fun and tried to follow the big kids. But it didn't take long for her to dive into Hailey's candy as soon as she got home!


Miles and Bex said...

Fun halloween. Love all the candy. Brayden was Darth Vader too. Too funny!

Ute Family said...

Adorable costumes. Too cute. I can't wait to start a "themed" family Halloween...maybe next year!

Now the only problem is eating all of that stuff :(

jess... said...

Star Wars?! You bunch of dorks!! LOL!

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