"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life;
to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived." ~Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Check Up

I went in this morning for another check up. I'm a little over ten weeks and feeling terrible. I know I said a couple weeks ago that the morning sickness was all but gone. I lied. It came back thirty seconds after I made that post. This is the time in my pregnancies when it peeks and is the worst. The good news is that it should start letting up in the next couple weeks. That's typically my pattern. My boobs are so sore and so huge (if you can imagine them being any bigger) and I swear they are full of milk already! No joke.

And the exhaustion...you should see my house. There has been popcorn on the living room floor for two days now and Frosted Flakes spilled on the kitchen floor. No energy whatsoever to clean anything up. I ran Ethan to school right after my appointment and came home and crashed on the couch for two hours. So much housework needs to be done.

And get this- there is a load sitting in the washer that I have yet to move to the dryer. I am so tired and so lazy feeling that instead of moving clean clothes from the dryer (which would require me to empty one of eight laundry baskets which are currently holding clean clothes) I am leaving the clean clothes there in the dryer. But that means that wet laundry is sitting in the washer and has been there for days. I don't want it to get moldy, so I keep running the cycle. I've run it six times now. That is how tired and sick I am. Where is my mommy when I need her? Waaaaaaahhhh.

The good news is that this terrible feeling that stays with me 24 hours a day isn't for nothing. I got to see our sweet baby again today. Everything is perfect and he has a good strong 175 BPM heart. It's amazing that I'm not even to the end of the first trimester and already I can see him moving all over the place, waving his nubby hands, rolling over, etc. As I looked at him on the screen today, it dawned on me that I'm still in the legal range to have an abortion of I chose to. Who...on earth...could ever kill such a live baby? It makes me sick and I could have cried as I thought about it. And our wonderful and Heaven sent president thinks it is perfectly fine to do so. Oh how I loathe the man.

Now off the soap box, as you can see I'm referring to the baby as a boy. Not because I think it's a boy, but because I chose a gender to refer to it as for the next few weeks. I hate saying "he/she" or "it". We'll re-evaluate things in a few weeks when we know for sure if it's pink or blue! And it's been four weeks since I took a picture of my belly, but I'm not bothering to do so today. Nothing has changed and I'd have to clean my bathroom mirror to get a non-fuzzy shot. That ain't gonna happen. Maybe in a few days.

In case you can't translate sonograms, the top picture is a side view with his bum at the left and his head at the right. That's his arm sticking up in the middle. The bottom picture is a crow's eye view. That's the top of his skull at the left and his hands on either side. If you look closely you can see toes where his feet are!


bethany said...

I feel awful for you--I seriously hate being pregnant....
And I TOTALLY agree with you about our current President. We shouldn't talk about-steam will start coming out of my ears.
I'm getting ready to send you something fun in the mail, so that should cheer you up. a little. maybe.
I promise it will be worth going to the mailbox for.
Speaking of which, I need your address and email...for some reason I don't have either. You can email them to me at bethanycr{at}gmail{dot]com
Hope you feel better-good luck with that pesky load of laundry!! If I lived closer, I'd come over and move it to the dryer for you.

Julie said...

You are so lucky, Veronica.

Enjoy your pregnancy. That is more important than laundry, cleaning up messes or folding clothes.

Take care.


Mandy said...

You should see my house! :) It's just as bad. I am SO excited for you and happy that things continue to go well!

Carli Webb said...

I had my dr. appointment today too! I got some really cute 3-D pics that look amazing! I swear I think I am having a boy. We shall see though. I dont get to have my sex ultrasound til I am 19 weeks so you will probably find out before I do!

Kristi said...

Congrats Veronica, that is so awesome! Hope you get feeling better soon!!

Ev said...

So how do you know it's a boy? Or are you wishfully thinking?