Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daniel in the Lion's Den

I love Family Home Evening. In some ways it is the highlight of my week. I have always loved it, ever since I was a little kid. I would drive my family nuts as I walked around with my clipboard, planning the activities and making assignments. I really got into it and they thought I was so annoying!

I still love it, maybe even more since I have my own children. They are getting old enough now that it's not such a pointless battle to get them to sit still. They get excited when they know it is Monday. "What will we be having for a treat??" they ask. Tonight we talked about Daniel in the lion's den. Hailey learned about it in Sunbeams a few weeks ago and she was excited to help with the story telling. Afterward we drew pictures of what we learned. The pictures they draw crack me up.

Hailey drew a picture of the kittens and puppies that surrounded Daniel in the lion's den. She said he stayed down there and pet them and they all slept together on the same bed. She said the kittens purred a lot.

Ethan drew King Darius hanging a rope down to Daniel for him to be hoisted out. Notice there is a pulley at the top of the rope. Ethan said it would make it easier to pull Daniel out. He said the other people in the Den are other people who prayed to God. Hmmm, don't know about that one but great improvisation! I love these kids.

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