Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ethan's Tooth

This boy is growing up so quickly! About 10 days ago Ethan came home from school and was a little nervous that one of his bottom teeth was wiggly. Well today he was REALLY nervous because it was super loose. I told him to stop messing with it and that Dad would pull it when he got home from his business trip on Wednesday. A few minutes later he came running to me very excited because HE pulled it out!! My baby boy is a stud. He was brave and didn't cry and just yanked that sucker out himself. But we will wait to leave it for the tooth fairy until Dad gets home. It's kind of front page news in our house right now!


Janice and Jessica said...

Just wanted to tell you a little story that my mom used to tell me and then I in turn told my daughter. We did the tooth fairy in my house and my mom always told me when the tooth fairy picked up your teeth she took them to heaven and gave them to God, who in turn turned the teeth into pearls to put in your crown when you went to heaven. I always thought that was a sweet way to think about what happened with your teeth.

foxie4 said...

Awesome Ethan that is so cool!! He was so excited to tell me when I picked him up for school!!

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