Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lauren the Dumper

This child loves the water. She loves to splash in water. She loves to play in water. She loves to make messes with water. She loves to dump water. Why is it that she doesn't just dump a little bit of water out of the tub, but is has to be BUCKET FULLS of water? Why the obsession? I turn my back for a second and she dumps a whole bucket, right out of the tub. And then I hear "uh oh". And when I say "WHO DUMPED ALL THIS WATER OUT??!!" (knowing good and well that it was her and not Hailey) she shoots her little arm in the air and says "ME!!" Lauren, it's not the best thing to be proud of! But you sure are a cute little stinker!

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Ute Family said...

Cute picture but Oh my gosh I would be so mad if that were Lydia and would be nippin' that in the bud asap. You know, there are certain things you gotta let slide (pick your battles, you know?) but for some reason I am a nazi when it comes to Lyd's taking a bath. If she splashes even a tiny bit out of the tub I'm right on her.
Hey, at least Lauren is having fun :) and at least I let Lydia splash all she wants in the pool. lol.

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