Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Books

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is reading a different Christmas book each night in December. Then on Christmas Eve we open a brand new Christmas book, and also read "The Night Before Christmas". The problem is that the kids always fight over which book we'll read, and they seem to want to read the same ones every night. They never want to give the "not-so-popular" ones a chance.

I got this idea from someone about wrapping each book individually. She said it takes away all of the above listed problems, and instead creates excitement and anticipation as kids wonder which book will be unwrapped that night. And after all, there is something magical alone in unwrapping a present! So each night the kids have taken turns picking a book from the basket and unwrapping it. Tonight Lauren unwrapped "The Grinch" which is one of our favorites. I was shocked that they had it almost memorized! So now this is a new tradition on top of an old tradition.

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