Thursday, December 23, 2010

Letters To Jesus

On Wednesday the advent box told us to write a letter or draw a picture for Jesus. It was a sweet activity and Cody and I got a kick seeing what the kids came up with. The above letter is what Ethan did. He refused to let me help him at all.

Dear Jesus, I give you presents. Have a birthday like when you were born. The wise man gave you an elephant, a silver, and a pussy cat. When you were a baby you looked like a Transformer. You love me and are nice. You will have birthday cake when you are born. I love you. Love, Lauren {age 3, as transcribed by Mommy}

Dear Jesus, I love you so much. You are very nice and you make me happy. On your birthday you get gold, and frankensteins, and murray. I hope you have a good birthday. In the book I like, Dorothy gave you white flowers for your birthday. When you were a baby you were so cute. I love you. Love, Hailey Jane {almost 5 years old, as transcribed by Mommy}

Dear Jesus, We love you so nice. I love you. You're birthday is nice. Thank you so much. I love you. The end. From, Ethan {almost 7 years old, written by himself}

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