Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Time!!

Oh how I love December! It takes every bit of self control for me NOT to get all Christmasy before Thanksgiving. I really and truly cherish each holiday of the year and I like to savor them all as they come. But it's hard living here where radio stations start playing Christmas music on...Halloween day!! Isn't that crazy? So all during November I have to keep myself from turning the station to a Christmas song, which I know for sure will be playing on certain stations. I love Thanksgiving, so I try my best to enjoy that holiday while it is in full force.

But the day after Thanksgiving, look out. I am all about Christmas. This year I found the perfect advent calandar which I will post about later, and I was so excited to start it on December 1st. So far it has been a huge hit. Each day when the kids ask us what our special Christmas activity is, I say "I don't know. We have to do whatever the box tells us to do!" It's created a lot of fun anticipation in our house. On Friday December 3rd, it told us to go get our Christmas tree. So we did! And we spent most of the day Saturday getting it all ready. I absolutely love trimming the tree, and this year it was especially fun. I am a huge collector of ornaments {in fact we have way too many and I am dying to get a second tree for upstairs} and since the kids are getting older, they really take part in the whole looking through the box at our collected ornaments. They each have the special ones and it's great to hear the "Oh, I remember this one! I got it when I was a baby!" type comments. I love it!

That night we also put up Cody's lamp. Yes, we are THE leg lamp house in the neighborhood. Cody ordered this lamp five years ago and it is his pride and joy. I hated it at first {although I really like the movie} but it has since grown on me. Or maybe it's how excited he gets when he sets it up that has grown on me. Or mabye it's how excited the kids get to see it set up, and how they ask anyone who comes to our house "Did you see the lamp?" that has grown on me.

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The Sawyers said...

I love the girls jammies! Baylee got the same ones and she would wear them every night if I could keep them clean.

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