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to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived." ~Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hailey's Christmas Program

On Tuesday we went to Hailey's school Christmas program. I always look forward to these because Kari is so creative and has the best ideas for each show. This year the theme was "Christmas Vacation Around the World". The kids have been learning all about how other countries and cultures celebrate Christmas. Hailey's spoke about Christmas in Mexico. A few weeks ago she came home with a CD of music for her to practice the songs. We've listened to it a million times in the car, but it was adorable to see the kids actually singing the songs and doing the dances. I think about ten different countries and cultures were represented in the show.

Hailey has been super excited about the program, mainly because she got to be on stage and she LOVES to be on stage in front of people. As soon as I picker her up yesterday from school, she said "When is it time to get my pretty dress on?" She asked that question at least five times in the next two hours. Grandma happened to be in town so she got to go with us and she agreed that we have the cutest Hailey Bug ever. After the show we had ice cream at Baskin Robins, which has become a tradition after the kids have any kind of performances.

There is a little boy in Hailey's class named Cameron, who is completely in love with her (he's in the back vest and red shirt standing next to her). His older brother was in her class last year, and he was in love with her too. Their mom tells me all the time how the boys "fight" over who gets to marry her. She said that Aaron (the one who is a year older) said "Well I will be back from my mission before you, so I will marry her then!" I about died laughing when she told me that! The other day Cameron punched another kid in class because he was "messing with Hailey". Cameron is hilarious and before the show started he was practicing some of his wicked dance moves. He was a lot of fun to watch!

After the kids sang their last song, Santa Claus showed up to give the kids a treat! It was pretty exciting. I had gotten Hailey some red and white flowers to give her after the show, but Lauren insisted that SHE got to give them to her. During the whole show Lauren had them in her lap, keeping them safe. She is a great sister. Thanks Kari, for loving our kids so much and doing these amazing programs for them.

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LeighLar said...

Those silly brothers who love Hailey. Do they really think she'll still be around by the time they get home from their missions? Please. That girl will be on a mission herself! That, or married. But I think it'll be the former. She's such a Jimmy face.