"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life;
to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived." ~Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pre-Christmas Weekend

The kids right before we left for church.  And yes, that is a cheese stick in Garrett's mouth.  Only way to get the stinker to cooperate!  The kid is addicted to cheese.
What a weekend! It's been busy since the time Cody got home from work on Friday afternoon. The kids had drawn names for their Christmas gift exchange two weeks ago, and Ethan was the only one left who had not picked out a sibling gift. He drew Lauren's name. You get the girl anything "Barbie" and she's in Heaven. So Cody left work early and as soon as he got home, he and Ethan loaded up and went shopping. And he DID get her a Barbie set. Shocking. I spent most of the afternoon cooking food for our big Christmas Eve dinner. I feel very fortunate to have an extra fridge in the garage so make-ahead cooking is possible.

Then we watched "A Christmas Story" for our Friday movie night. That one never gets old. Hailey had a loose front tooth that had been about hanging by a thread for days and she finally let me "almost" pull it. After I got the dental floss tied on, she got so scared and cried and after half an hour I took the floss off and she went to bed. I decided then and there that I'm done pulling that girl's teeth because that's what happens every time, and I should know better. Best to just let nature push it out on it's own.

Then Saturday was spent running more last minute errands for Christmas and traffic on the roads and in the stores was a nightmare. I'm so glad we about had everything done so we were in and out of most stores quickly. The Advent calendar told us we would watch some video clips about Jesus and Christmas. Lds.org has so many fantastic resources for Christmas and we watched message after message, and each time one ended, the kids asked to see another one. It's crazy, but despite having five rowdy kids in the room, we could actually feel the spirit and a few tears were shed from both Cody and me. It was one of my favorite Advent calendar activities of the month! Then we watched another Christmas movie before bed and Dad and the kids had a camp-out in the basement family room in front of the small Christmas tree.

And then Sunday was nuts. I had choir practice for over an hour in the morning. I was in three musical numbers for the Sacrament Christmas program. And Cody was speaking, so it meant we needed to be sure and get to church very early to ensure we got a bench up front. And by some miracle, we did! And then I was going to jump back and forth between being the Primary chorister and playing the piano in Relief Society. Wow, and that opening song in RS was just plain laughable. It was such a busy day that my brain was somewhere else. And did I mention that Lauren was giving a talk? By the time church was over I wanted to crawl into bed.

 After folding about a million loads of laundry, we did our Advent activity which said to write a thank you letter to Jesus. I loved this one as well! The stuff the kids came up with was so heart warming. It was touching seeing their gratitude to the Savior poured out on paper. Ethan got an envelope and on the front addressed it to "Jesus Christ, Kingdom of Heaven". Such a good kid!

Oh.....this morning while we were getting ready for church, Ethan and Hailey were rough housing and he bopped her in the face and her tooth came out! No blood, no pain. Hallelujah! She is waiting until Christmas Eve to leave it under her pillow, because she said it would be awesome if the Tooth Fairy and Santa bumped into each other during the night!

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