Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kiddie Scrubs

Anyone who knows my dad well, knows that he lives in scrubs.  What?  A retired engineer posing as a doctor?  Sometimes homeless people approach him and beg him for needles and drugs, outside nasty and rundown New Mexico bathrooms.  True story.  I guess it dates back to when my mom was a slave, working on her PharmD and doing rotations and she started living in scrubs.  It became an epidemic in our house and my dad has liked them ever since.

So they decided the kids should discover the bliss of such comfort and they found these adorable kiddie scrubs online!  Aren't they great?  The boys' are all super hero themed, Hailey's are Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and Lauren's are froggies.  It was pretty adorable seeing them run around in them tonight as they were using them as PJs.  And of course the high-sillies broke out in abundance.

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