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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Alice in Wonderland

I am thrilled to say that this ballet season is OVER!!  We had our final performance this morning and it was a huge relief when we got in the car and drove away from the auditorium.  This year their studio put on a full scale production of "Alice in Wonderland".  As always, it was unbelievably fantastic!  The girls got put in two different casts this year, which made for a tricky weekend.  Lauren was in the Friday night performance and Hailey was in the Saturday matinee.  Granana, Gov, Grandma, and Grandpa were all in town to see BOTH shows and we're so happy that they were!

Classes continue to go on normally until the end of May, then they'll start a summer term.  But all of the hullabaloo that goes along with their mammoth Spring performance is officially behind us.  I continue to be absolutely amazed at the professionalism that their studio exhibits.  I can't sya enough wonderful things about the staff, the faculty, the owners, and everyone involved!  This year I had the opportunity to help work on the set and it was a lot of fun seeing the show and know "Hey, I worked on those things!!"

This year Lauren was in the teacup scene and Hailey was a teardrop.  They had a blast and continue in their love of all things dance.  They keep saying they want to quit gymnastics and do ballet more days a week.  Ugh- it's just more to fit into our schedule but we want to accommodate their ambitions.  This is something that love so much and who knows- it might end up being their thing for life.

Lauren got to hang out backstage with her cute friend in our neighborhood, Isobel. 

Hailey and Abby Crandall- They got to be good friends this season.

Hailey and her buddy Brielle

The White Rabbit is one of the best dancers in the studio.  She just took home a big award for a competition and it shows in her dancing.  Abby was the girls' soloist in the 2011 production of "Romeo and Juliet".

The teardrop soloist, Aubree.

When Alice grew big, she danced on stilts.  It was funny and cool how she stayed up so well.

The Hedgehogs that the queen uses as balls during croquet were awesome.  They did flips and acrobatics when they went through the cards.  The talent of these girls are uncanny!

The Mad Hatter, Door Mouse, and Brown Hare.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle DumB were absolutely amazing.  Their scene was full of acrobatics and they were so impressive and funny!!

Hailey and her amazing teacher Shauna Crandall and Jana Monson, the studio owner/director


Janice said...

Looks like a really great production!!

Joey and Nettifer said...

thank you again for getting those pictures of Izabel! Love you for that. I love this studio so much. Izabel is going to be my ballerina. We might be there a few times a week too! WE can do this :)