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to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived." ~Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We Found a Dentist!

Our pediatric dentist and our pediatrician retired just weeks apart.  Doesn't that make for a fun year?  I have been on the lookout for several months now, and hadn't come across a dentist that stood out to me....until today.  We went to see Dr. Matthew Jensen in West Valley City and I am thrilled to say that we have found yet another doctor for our kiddos!  Whew, I'm glad that the hunt is over.

I was impressed with his office and staff all the way around.  His staff was super friendly and super professional, the wait time was less than ten minutes after our appointment time, and the entire appointment was smooth as silk.  His office is all ocean themed and the kids LOVED it.  Devin especially loved the "Nemo" fish tank, complete with "Dory".  I was blown away at how great Devin did.  Absolutely no anxiety, no tears, no apprehension what-so-ever!!

I really, really like Dr. Jensen.  He is very real, very down to earth, and really nice- great with the kids.  He talked to me for a long time about the kids dental history, his theories/philosophies about certain things, and his reasoning behind why he does what he does.  I loved that he talked to me like I had a brain!  Unfortunately, he found two cavities in Hailey and one cavity in Lauren.  I'm not surprised, because people in my family have very bad enamel despite very good oral hygiene.  He recommended Ethan get his molars sealed so that he didn't have to deal with fillings and braces at the same time.  So we go back on April 23rd for everyone to get filled and sealed.  The girls are pretty nervous about it, mainly Hailey.  But Dr. Jensen does laughing gas so hopefully it'll be easy.  But the poor girl- she gets her tonsils and adenoids out and then has cavities filled four weeks later! (And he looked at Hailey's crossbite and said she will likely need phase one of braces too when she's about nine.  Ugh, these kids are expensive!  I really wish they had inherited more of Dad's mouth genes.)

Garrett was really wanting to get his teeth tickled (because he wanted up on the dental bed to get into stuff.)  He gets to have his very first teeth cleaning at their next bi-annual appointment in September!

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