Monday, October 4, 2010

Conference Weekend

I wish that General Conference was a monthly thing, not a semi-annual thing. I look forward to these two weekends a year as if they were my favorite holidays. My canteen gets filled and it barely lasts me six months. Then the next one rolls around, it gets filled, and I try to ration it. Right now it is filled to the brim and I feel very inspired.

I am looking forward to our kids getting just a little bit older so they can watch Conference with me. Right now they are still a little young, but soon I will make those cute Conference packets that everyone talks about. I look forward to discussing talks with them. Even though they are young, I think kids listen to and absorb way more than we give them credit for. And heck, maybe that will encourage Cody to actually watch Conference with me too.

This weekend was kind of a bummer because I came down with the stomach flu on Friday and I spent all of Saturday lying down, throwing up, and in and out of sleep. I watched the whole Saturday morning session and Elder Holland, of course, brought me to tears like he does every time. But by the afternoon I felt horrible and I could not keep my eyes open for most of it. I can't wait to read those talks in the November Ensign.

Cody and I had the rare opportunity to attend the Sunday afternoon session, thanks to my mom scoring tickets through their Stake in Texas. Leighann and Skylar were kind enough to come up and watch the kids while Cody and I headed downtown. Cody calls me a "groupie" because of how excited I get over the General Authorities. Even though I had been to a live session before, I still got a thrill as we walked into the Conference Center. I loved holding my husband's hand and not having kids to distract me from him and our surroundings. We had excellent seats, and it was quite surreal as we all stood when the Prophet entered the room. You could hear a pin drop.

The talks were great, but to be honest, I don't think I will attend another live session at the Conference Center again, at least not anytime soon. I found that I was WAAAAY too distracted by what was around me. I am a big people watcher and it was hard to keep my focus away from the people sitting near us (what they were wearing, how their hairstyle was, and the ever annoying engaged couple sitting in front of us that was all but making out the whole time). I found that I get a lot more out of the messages when I am sitting at home folding a basket of laundry or something. It's a great experience to get to see it live, but I decided it is not for me.

I feel rejuvinated and I am ready to take on whatever life has in store for the next six months. Come rain or shine, I am ready. My testomony in the Savior and His Gospel is alive again, and I am ready to impliment some of the great counsel we recieved over the weekend. Just last night before reading our bedtime story we started reading the Book of Mormon again. The farthest we have ever gotten as a family is into Secnd Nephi, which is quite far with little children. Since it has been a while, we are starting over. And since Ethan is now reading quite well, he's excited to get to take part in the reading. Let's hope we can keep up with this until April! I think I am going to start a family incentive chart or something. After we have read X amount of days in a row, we'll go our for ice cream.

It's going to be a great six months!

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