Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

We have had eight pumpkins sitting on our front porch all month long. "When can we carve pumpkins?" Is what I hear on a daily basis. I've tried to explain that they will rot and get gross if carved too soon before Halloween, but I figured six days before the big night shouldn't be so bad. Really, it's that I could not hold them off much longer. Cody has been out of town for a week and he finally got back late last night, so tonight for FHE we carved our pumpkins.

I have the full blown flu, and have felt like death for three days. The fun thing about pregnancy is that your immune system gets suppressed (you know, so your body doesn't abort what it sees as a parasite...) and this illness has kicked my butt. Normally I am a 48 hour virus girl, but there is no end in sight. Depspite feeling like garbage, I put on my surgical mask and gloves and went to town making our traditional pumkin carving treats. Pumpkin chocolate chip bars with walnuts and cream cheese icing, and warm wassail. I only wish I could have tasted them, but my dang swollen sinuses.

The kids intricately drew their pumpkin face in a piece of paper. That is exactly how I was to carve them- no deviating. Lauren, bless her heart, is really into rectangles right now so all she wanted was a face made up of that shape. Easiest thing to carve! Devin was happy that we were all distracted so he could get into things we shouldn't, like the kitchen cabinets. Such a rascal.

Lauren was hilarious every time we'd cut the top off a pumpkin and open it up. She would cover her eyes and say "EEEW, I just can't look at the pumpkin brains!" Such a prissy little thing. I'd say that our pumpkin carving night was a success. PS- the only way to get Devin to sit near his pumpkin was to distract him with a toothbrush. Don't know why, but it worked!

Now if I could just beat this virus, life would be great again.

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