Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Halloween" Night

It is always awkard when Halloween falls on a Sunday and this hasn't happened since I was pregnant with Ethan. The good thing about living where we do is that most people celebrate Halloween on Saturday if it truly falls on a Sunday and it was the case this year. Leighann and Skylar came up from Provo to share our "spooky" dinner with us. In preparation for our dinner, the girls had fun helping me make these cute place cards and also planning our disgusting menu. A while back I found some awesome Halloween goblets and glasses and was excited to use them! They held blood to drink (black cherry kool aid) and we also had pumpkin barf and bones (orange tinted spinich artichoke dip and crackers), spider eggs (cheese balls), witches hats (upside down chocolate cookies with a Hershey Kiss on top), mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crescent dough), rat guts (strawberry Jello with fresh raspberries) and deviled eggs (the "devil" simply implies spooky!).

While we were eating, it started pouring rain and getting really cold outside. We were all disappointed, and even moreso when I realized that all of our umbrellas were broken! So Cody ran to the store and got $28 worth of umbrellas while I got the kids ready and bundled up. Leighann and Skylar bravely took them out trick or treating, but they only lasted about ten houses. Devin stayed home with Cody and me in the dry and warm house to hand out candy.

After everyone was home, they changed into dry jammies and we watched "The Great Pumpkin". Then the kids wanted to stay up even longer while the grown ups watched "Ghost Busters". Yeah, that one had a few words that I didn't catch in time to mute. Finally kids were in bed at about 11:00. It was a late night, but lots of fun!

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