Sunday, October 17, 2010

Devin and Lauren's Check Ups

It's nice to have kids whose birthdays fall only three weeks part. Hailey and Ethan's yearly check ups are always combined in February, and now Lauren and Devin's will always be combined in October. Poor baby #5 will always fly solo in April!

On Tuesday the 12th I took Lauren in for her three year and Devin in for his one year. Both walked away with a clean bill of health, although we are all still puzzled by the strange deformity Lauren has on her left middle finger. It has looked crooked for two years, but after numerous xrays and measurments the bone seems to be normal. It's just one of those things! The doctor continues to keep an eye on it. Lauren also pee peed in a cup for the first time at the appointment. The doc always starts a yearly urinalysis when they turn three and she was very cooperative! She is still a tiny thing, but super healthy and is thriving. Here are her stats-

Weight- 27.3 pounds = 14%
Height- 35.25 inches = 11%

Devin weighed in a little less than what I think is accurate. Two weeks prior at an instacare visit, they sat him on the scale in nothing but a diaper and he weighed 23.5 pounds. At this visit, the nurse insisted that he stood on the scale, but he was leaning on me and had one foot off the whole time. I don't know why she she didn't have him sit on the infant one like always, but oh well. In the meantime I have yet to know what his accurate weight is, but these are his stats according to their records-

Weight- 21 pounds = 22%
Height - 29.5 inches = 41%

We feel incredibly blessed to have such healthy children. God is good!

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Carli said...

kids are supposed to have a 3 year check up? OOPS! I don't take Kennedy unless she is sick. LOL! I have not even taken Liam for his 1 year or shots yet! thanks for reminding me.

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