"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life;
to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived." ~Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ethan's Piano Recital

Ethan started taking piano from Tina Memmott last year and just loved it. He took lessons from me when I taught three years ago, but he didn't love it because I was his MOM.  It's not the same taking any class from MOM.  Boring.  She's just plain old MOM.  But when he started with Tina, he fell in love with the piano.  He was so excited to practice every single day.  What kid loves to practice?  I think music comes easily to him because it's math.  One day he said to me "Mom, music is all about numbers, did you know that?"  Yup.  Music is the universal language, as is math.  He's flourishing and I hope he never stops loving it.  I think a lot of peopl reach adulthood with the regret of not sticking with music when they got bored with lessons.  I know I have regrets like that with a lot of things!

We're so sad because the Memmotts are moving to Alaska at the end of the month.  We have just loved having them as neighbors and friends!  Today Tina held a recital and even though it was a crazy busy morning (like every Saturday around here) it was great seeing him perform.  The one thing he needs to work on is showmanship because the boy is ALL business!  Ha ha, no smiles from him before or after the performance.  He played a whimsical song called "Funny Little Bunny" from one of his lesson books.  He memorized it and did a great job!  Now we have to find a new teacher.  Sigh.  Why do good people have to move away?  We will miss you, Miss Tina!

Tina's little boy is also named Ethan.  Poor guy didn't look happy to be there!

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