Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ethan & Luke

Ethan hit a new milestone on Friday when he had his first playdate with a friend from school. For the last five years all of his playdates have been in Mommy and me groups, structured play group at church, baby sitting swaps with neighbors and friends, or with kids who have a mom that I am friends with first and foremost.

Luke has been in Ethan's class since last year and he has talked about him a lot in recent months. They are both Star Wars nuts so that gives them in instant bond. I know Luke from school and I know his mom in passing. The boys have been planning a playdate together for weeks and almost every day when I pick Ethan up he and Luke have been playing while they wait for parents, and when we go to leave they yell something to each other like "Make sure you mom calls my mom..." It's so cute and grown up.

Luke's mom, Wendy called a few days ago and said "We have got to get our boys together because Luke won't leave me alone about it." So Friday was the day. Luke played at our house from 11:30 to almost 5:00. They played and played and when Luke left, it looked like a tornado had hot the house. I'm glad to see Ethan venturing out to find his own friends. I know he's capable of forming relationships with people with out my help, and his friendship with Luke is proof of that. Ethan has a standing playdate for next Thursday at Luke's house and he is already taking about it non-stop.

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