Monday, January 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day we went over to Aunt Brenda and Uncle Jack's house. I had a terrible cold and mu nose was clogged so I couldn't taste anything. It killed Thanksgiving for me, but at least I didn't over eat! It was a fun day of doing nothing. We lazied around, ate, lazied around, ate some more, played outside, took silly pictures, played games, and ate some more.

We all made Christmas cards for the wounded soilders in the VA hospital in Washington. We tried to get the kids to help because they were supposed to be cards from KIDS. They all got bored pretty quickly, so the adults took over and it turned out to be really fun! We each tried to out do each other to see how "kid like" we could make our cards look. You know by spelling things wrong, make incomplete and run-on sentences, stuff like that.

And of course it's alwasy fun to beat up on Uncle Philip! He takes it like a champ. These next two pictures are inside jokes but my family will love them!!

After we left the cousins' house we went to Grandmother and Michael's house. Grandmother is too old and tired to make the trip out to Tolar and since Michael was on lock down, they both stayed home. But it was nice getting to visit with them. This was the first time since Michae's release in September that I got to see him. Wish we could have visited more. Ethan sure adores his big uncle.

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