Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Girls Night In

While the boys were at the hockey game, the girls had some fun of our own. Ever since I knew that the boys would be out that night I'd been planning a special night with my girls. I let them pick what they wanted for dinner, and they picked Mac 'n Cheese. Wow, big surprise! Then we made a facial mask (that actually tasted yummy too!). We painted finger and toe nails and watched "Sleeping Beauty". Poor Lauren wasn't feeling well, as you can tell from her red cheeks. She was running a low grade fever. But even though she was sick, I know she had a fun time. I even let the girls paint my nails. Thank goodness for nail polish remover and Q-Tips! What a fun night!

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Brian and Rachel Maxwell said...

you are wearing the rising generation girls camp shirt in the picture with hailey. I dont think i even know where my girls camp shirts are :) That makes me miss girls camp.

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